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1 St Botolph's Street (west side)


(Jaggers' list)
One of four shops extending back along Short Wyre Street. Two-storey corner building with slate roof. Double two-pane sash windows. Gault brick with detailling provided by relief pattern bricks. Now painted. Designed in 1894 by G. Farran (architect and builder) for J.H. Clamp (owner). ERO D/B 6 Pb3/763 (not checked). Erected on the site of his old shop after a fire involving a famous murder case.

ERO holds: D/DJ 2/19/16 - 'Sale catalogue of commercial properties in ColcheSTer - Double fronted corner shop, 1 ST. BOTOLPH'S STreet, three lock-up shops, 1-3 Short Wyre Street, large shop with warehouses, 3 ST. BOTOLPH'S Street and Vineyard Street, large corner shop and lock up shop with residence above, and three-Storey warehouses, 4 ST. BOTOLPH'S Street and Vineyard Street, two shops 42-43 ST. BOTOLPH'S Street ...' (1919)

[In 1909, no 1 was the premises of Alderton Bros, Boot Merchants.]

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