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26-30 Creffield Road (south side)


Includes 21 Oxford Road (east side).
Large, very prominent corner building, on corner of Creffield Road and Oxford Road. Terrace of four houses. Uncoursed stone, clay tiles, ashlar dressings. Tower on corner - eccentric. Three gables to Creffield Road.
Built in 1886 by stonemason and architect L J Watts who must have bought material generated by the demolition of St Runwald's church, reworked what he could to make his cemetery memorials, and then disposed of the residue as building rubble in at least three different buildings which he designed: St Runwald's in Salisbury Avenue (1886), The Cloisters in Maldon Road (1886), and St Runwald's Terrace (1884).
Watts was an immensely successful Colchester businessman, a stonemason who pioneered mass production of tombstones and marble fireplaces from his works outside the Castle. The frequent Watts adverts in papers and magazines all over Metropolitan Essex, demonstrate the extent of this remarkable business (which still trades) by claiming 'over 9,000 cemetery monuments... in Essex.....London etc. in last 30 years'. Watts company still trading in the town.
Later St. Runwald's School. First head was possibly Mrs MacCauley.
ERO D/B 6 Pb2/381 1884 4 plans Building plan of houses, CREFFIELD ROAD, Colchester, for L.J. Watts (owner and architect) (not checked)

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