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G Gard Pye

George Gard Pye, 1849-??

Entry in 'Directory of British architects 1834-1914'; office at 3 Bank Buildings, Colchester, in 1871; office in London in 1896 and 1905. Articled to Henry Winnock Hayward, architect, of Colchester.

See also Pye and Hayward.

* ERO E/P 146/1, 1871, WRABNESS CHURCH OF ENGLAND PRIMARY (FORMERLY NATIONAL) SCHOOL: plans, elevation, ground, site and sections, by architect G. Gard PYE
* ERO D/B 6 Pb2/101, 1878, building plan of carpet shop, High Street, Colchester, for G. Rickwood (owner), by G. Gard PYE (architect)
* ERO D/B 6 Pb2/104, 1878, building plan of two cottages, Castle Road, Colchester, for G. Hill (owner), by G. Gard PYE (architect)
* ERO D/B 6 Pb1/17, 1880, building plan of eight cottages, Mersea Road, Colchester, for C. Hawkins (owner), by G. Gard PYE (architect)
* ERO D/P 171/6/9, 1879, architect's letters and certificates from G. Gard PYE of Colchester, architect and surveyor, for work executed and materials supplied in erection of new gate and fencing to churchyard, Church of St Mary the Virgin, Great Bentley, Essex
* ERO D/B 6 Pb2/81, 1878, building plan of two houses, Gray Road, Creffield Estate, Colchester, for W. Hatfield and Miss Moore (owners), by G. Gard PYE (architect)
* ERO D/B 6 Pb2/82, 1878, building plan of Sale Room, St. Botolph's, Colchester, for C. Hawkins (owner), by G. Gard PYE (architect)
* ERO D/B 6 Pb2/183, 1879, building plan of terrace, Meyrick Crescent, Colchester, for Messrs. Copsey and Florey (owner), by G. Gard PYE (architect)
* ERO D/B 6 Pb2/199, 1879, building plan of eight cottages, Cromwell Road, Colchester, for Copsey and Florey (owner), by [G.G. PYE (architect)]
* ERO D/B 6 Pb2/196, 1879, building plan of five cottages, Cromwell Road, Colchester,for Copsey and Florey (owner), by G. Gard PYE (architect)
* ERO D/B 6 Pb2/218, 1880, building plan of three cottages, Albert Road, Colchester, for E. Smith (owner), by G. Gard PYE (architect)
* ERO D/B 6 Pb2/208, 1880, building plan of three shops, Magdalen Street, Colchester, for C. Hawkins (owner), by G. Gard PYE (architect)
* ERO D/B 6 Pb2/193, 1879, building plan of four cottages, North Street, Colchester], for Copsey and Florey (owner), by G. Gard PYE (architect)
* D/B 6 Pb2/178, 1879, building plan of houses, Colchester, for Colchester Provident Asylum Society (owner), by G.G. PYE (architect)
* ERO D/B 6 Pb2/177, 1879, building plan of seven cottages, Winnock Road, Colchester, for Messrs. Copsey and Florey (owner), by G.G. PYE (architect)
* ERO D/B 6 Pb2/172, 1879, building plan of Master's house, St. Mary Magdalen Hospital, Colchester, for [Revd. Cottee (owner)], by G.G. PYE (architect)
* ERO D/B 6 Pb2/125, 1878, building plan of Coal Shed, Hythe Quay, Colchester, for T. Moy (owner), by G.G. PYE (architect)
* ERO D/B 6 Pb1/22, 1883, building plan of new Soldiers' Home, [Queen Street], Colchester, by G. Gard PYE (architect)
* ERO D/B 6 Pb1/24, 1883, building plan of new road on the Mill Estate, Beaconsfield, Salisbury and Butt Roads, Colchester, for H. Jones (owner), by
G. Gard PYE (architect)
* ERO D/F 8/161, 1867-1901, Maltings, Witham: site, elevation and block plans, details of barley store, kiln, floor and drain plans, by architects G. Gard PYE + Chancellor and Son + Frederick Chancellor

100 High Street (north side)

c 1885

(Jaggers' list)
Surviving west side of an elaborately-decorated three-storey Italianate-fronted building. Plastered finish with slate roof, dentilled cornice, round headed windows at 1st and 2nd floor levels with Ionic pilasters. c 1885.
[Check SEAX. Might be ERO D/B 6 Pb2/101, building plan of carpet shop, HIGH STREET, Colchester, G. Rickwood (owner), G. Gard Pye (architect), 1878.]

[Nos 98, 99 & 100 were the premises of George Rickword & Sons, Cabinetmakers, Upholsterers, etc, in 1888-1890: 'A representative establishment in Colchester, and one not easily surpassed for extent or importance in any provincial town in the kingdom, is that of George Rickword & Sons, cabinetmakers, Upholsterers, Decorators, Furnishers, House Agents, Appraisers, Undertakers, and Furniture Removers, which is situated at 98, 99, & 100, High Street, a central and in every respect admirable position in which to carry on an extensive and important business of this diversified nature ... The premises occupied by this eminent firm are of exceedingly handsome appearance, in the modern Italian style, and are three stories in height, while the frontage is very extensive. The windows of the upper floors are of circular shape at the top, and are each fitted with sun-blinds of the Italian pattern, which impart to the whole a pleasing appearance. The general structure of the exterior is of a central main shop, with a smaller one on each side. There are thus two entrances, and four fine windows, in which goods of the highest class are lavishly displayed ... The main shop is very spacious, and has at the back a showroom of similar dimensions, while between these are situated the offices ...' (IotECBR)]

[Two old postcards; below, c 1930, with kind permission of J Jephcott.]

ERO holds: D/DJ 2/3/51 - 'Sale catalogue of Kent Blaxill and Co. and Crowther Brothers, 100 High Street, 13, 201-207 Magdalen Street, 8-10, 28-30 and 34-35 Chapel Street, 55-59 South Street and 26-28 Wellington Street, Colchester' (1925)

[35??] 37 QUEEN STREET (east side) - (former Police Station)

Grade II.
Mid C18 extensively altered C20. Red brick. 3 storeys, 7 windows, 3:1:3 with a further one window extension on left. All windows are sashes, those on the ground floor have small panes. Vestigial brick pilasters, aprons to ground floor windows. Dentil cornices at each floor level. Pediment over central 1st floor window with roundel above. Pediment with mock consoles to left. Modern double doors. Parapet, roof not visible. Much of the original garden front remains at the back. Nos 33 to 41 (odd) form a group.

[Correction: built c 1883. ERO D/B 6 Pb1/22, 1883, 6 plans, BUILDING PLAN of new Soldiers' Home, Queen Street. G. Gard Pye (architect).]

Old postcard by kind permission of J Jephcott.

*** part in Charles Debenham painting 'The Money Shop, Colchester' (date??)

16 Beverley Road (east side)


[JB] Large house by George Gard Pye for Charles Davey, 1874-5. Italianate, after the manner of Sir Charles Barry. Three storeys, with a four-storey tower in the middle of the front elevation. Arched windows, and pedimented gable to right. Cast iron columns.
A distinctive design in this neighbourhood, for a prominent client, one of the partners in the firm of Davey Paxman & Co. Pye was a well-known Colchester architect. The plot cost £1150 and the bill from the contractors, Henry Everett & Son, amounted to £2660 (A. Phillips, Steam and the Path to Glory (2002), p. 95). [JB]
Nos 14-16 form a group.

Davey, Paxman & Davey, Engineers was founded in 1865 by James Paxman, with capital provided by brothers Charles Davey and Henry Davey. The Davey brothers retired in 1877. See and [jA]

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