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The Abbey Arms Public House, St John's Green


(Jaggers' list)
Fine, purpose-built Edwardian public house in prominent corner position. Plaque in apex giving date of 1907. Built for Truman, Hanbury, Buxton and Co. Ltd and designed by C.E. Butcher in 1907 as a replacement for The Gardeners Arms Inn. (Address at this time: Stanwell Street).
ERO D/B 6 Pb3/2449. (Not checked.)

List of publicans:
1861 Census (William Tyler, Inn Keeper, lived there with his wife Elizabeth Tyler, and their children Angelina Tyler, Assistant BarMaid, Robert Tyler, Apprentice and George Tyler, a niece Eliza Minter, House Servant, and two lodgers Sarah Brewer, Labourers Wife, and Kazia Williams, Tailoress)
1862/ William Tyler
1867/William Tyler
1886/Charles Hawkins/Beer Retailer
1894/Charles Hawkins/Beer Retailer
1898/Charles Hawkins/Beer Retailer
1899/C. Hawkins/Beer Retailer
1902/Charles Hawkins/Beer Retailer
1908/Mrs. Ellen Hawkins/Beer Retailer
1912/Herbert William White/Beer Retailer
1914/Herbert William White / Beer Retailer

'... The pub was built as a beer house in 1915?? by Trumans in an architectural style typical of the time, replacing an earlier beer house which stood on the same plot and which was known as the Gardener's Arms. A picture of this earlier pub hangs up behind the bar ...' - source

1917/Mrs. Kate White/Beer Retailer
1925/William Jackson/Beer Retailer
1933/Michael Albert O'Halloran/Beer Retailer

[Note: Premises only named in 1862 & 1867]

32-34 Long Wyre Street (east side)


(Jaggers' list)
Early two-storey shop-front? - 1900? Needs investigation. Street was renumbered. This was probably formerly no 25 (see Insurance map of 1909) in which case it was a shop built in 1900 (ERO D/B 6 Pb3/1446, 1900, 1 plan, Building plan of shop, 25 Long Wyre Street, C.E. Butcher (owner and architect) - not checked.
[RS]Large upper window for displaying goods. [RS]

Postcard of 1906 with kind permission of J Jephcott.]

34-39 Eld Lane (north side) - formerly Lady D'Arcy's Almshouses

1897 and 1905

(Jaggers' list)
Row of single-storey brick almshouses by C.E. Butcher, 1897 and 1905. For Lady D'Arcy's Charity. Now shops.
A modest but interesting addition to the street scene, on a scale that is appropriate for a narrow street now pedestrianised. By a local architect. Plans in Essex Record Office (D/B Pb3/1060, 2204).
Residential until late 20th century; Lady D'Arcy's almshouses now off East Hill.
Holy Trinity parish.

Ref. in 'Essex' (Pevsner/Bettley 2007, 290).

ERO D/P 323/25/1: monochrome photograph of Lady Darcy's charity almshouses in ELD LANE, Colchester, 1933

Plaque on east end gable wall states:
Holy Trinity Colchester.
Lady D'Arcy's Charity.
Six Almshouses Rebuilt 1897 and 1905.
Rev. John Bush Early. Rector.
E Thomson-Smith esq JP [and] Thomas Jon. Ward. Churchwardens

The ERO record indicates that two more almshouses were originally intended. Two blocks of four almshouses. ERO D/B 6 Pb3/1060 and D/B 6 Pb3/1045, 1896, 2 plans, BUILDING PLAN of four new almshouses (times two), Eld Lane, Colchester, Parish of Holy Trinity/Holy Trinity Trustees (owner), C.E. Butcher (architect).


See image of c 1900 at!/ll/51.887968,0.89927499999998…

See image of c 1940 at!/ll/51.887968,0.89927499999998…


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