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H Stopes

* ERO D/B 6 Pb3/191, 1888, building plan of Eagle Brewery, East Hill, COLCHESTER, for COLCHESTER Brewing Co. Ltd. (owners), by H. STOPES (architect)

tower to former brewery, East Hill (north side)

Street Name
East Hill
c 1888

(Jaggers' list)
Important local industrial building. In red brick with detail in yellow brick. Rising to six stories in an interesting configuration. Former Eagle Brewery, building plans of 1888, ERO D/B 6 Pb3/191 D/B 6. 3 plans. Colchester Brewing Co. Ltd. (owners). H. Stopes (architect).[jA]

Forms group with the Eagle Brewery (including nos 74-75 East Hill).

old postcad by kind permission of J Jephcott.

Brewery (Messrs Ind Coope Limited), EAST HILL (north side)

Date listed: 25 March 1968
Date of last amendment: 25 March 1968
Grade II.
Main entrance block by H Stopes, 1888. Gault and red brick and stone. Ornamental, round arched industrial style. 3 and 4 storeys. Asymmetrical front with carriage entrance to left and 3 arches with lunette windows. Upper part, strip pilasters and corbelled parapet, Paired windows with colonnettes, square headed first floor, arched above with eagle in niche over entrance on block dated 1828. Impost blocks to entrance arch dated 1828 and 1888. Also inscription "the Colchester Brewing Company Limited 1888".

[Nos 74, 75 and brewery form a group.]
Forms a group with brewery tower??.

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