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It may look as if nothing much is happening on the website but in fact the descriptions of the buildings on the draft local list are being continually updated and improved.

One of the new recent features has been the addition of a category for architects which you can access in the main menu bar along the top of the each page. Click on the word 'architects' and you will be presented with a list of people who have designed many of the buildings on the draft local list. You will then have two choices for each architect. Click on the word 'biography' to find out about the man himself or click on 'list of buildings' to discover examples of his work.

Work is at an early stage and this is a lengthy job which will take a long time. Most of the biographies are blank at the moment and the lists of buildings are all bound to be incomplete. However, go to J F Goodey to get an idea of the sort of detail we are aiming at.

If you can help provide us with suitable information, please get in touch. We will be delighted to hear from you.