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Diamond Place 11 Maldon Road

Diamond Place was demolished in 2006. 11 Maldon Road. This Victorian house was replaced by a five storey block of 12 one bedroom flats. The house was built by Edwin Nunn in 1867, who also owned the Theatre Royal (since demolished). It was called Diamond Place because the rooms were diamond shaped. The garage to the left was once a stable. It also had a ghost. Harding Homes, took yet another of our old buildings from us. J006.

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?? Balkerne Hill (west)

Demolished to build multi-storey car-park.

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St Mary's hospital Balkerne Hill (west)

Former work-house and land.
Demolished for housing development.

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?? (houses along Roman town wall) Balkerne Lane (east) view jadams
St Mary's rectory Balkerne Passage

House and gardens.
Demolished to build the Mercury Theatre.

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Bugle Horn Barrack Street

J036 demolished in 2009 to make way for new housing.
See the Inns, Taverns and Pubs for more information.
Public house 1800-2004.

[RS frame survey - published as 'The timber-framed building incorporated within The Bugle Horn public house, Colchester', in EHBG, Issue 12]

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Berechurch Hall Berechurch Hall Road view jadams
row of houses Brook Street

Row of semi-detached houses with one detached house at south end; small front gardens, rear gardens; 20th century.

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garrison wall Butt Road view jadams
Goojerat Barracks Circular Road West

Old postcards by kind permission of J Jephcott.

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