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T H Baker

* ERO D/B 6 Pb2/108, 1878, building plan of eleven pairs of cottages, Town Field Estate, COLCHESTER, for Devonshire Place Building Co. (owner), by H. BAKER (ARCHITECT)??
* ERO D/B 6 Pb3/1063, 1896, building plan of two villas, Creffield Road, COLCHESTER, for J.B. Winter (owner), by T.H. BAKER (ARCHITECT)
* ERO D/B 6 Pb2/176, 1879, building plan of pair of houses, Alexandra Road, COLCHESTER, for Mr. Branton (owner), by H. BAKER (ARCHITECT)??
* ERO D/B 6 Pb3/773, 1894, building plan of two houses, George Street, Colchester, for Mrs. Stevens (owner), by T.H. BAKER (architect)
* ERO D/B 6 Pb3/3257, 1913, building plan of The British Hotel, Layer Road, COLCHESTER, for Daniell and Sons Breweries Ltd. (owner), by J.H. BAKER (ARCHITECT)
and [T.J. Ward (builder)]??
* ERO D/B 6 Pb3/3389, 1914, building plan of alterations to Angel Hotel, High Street, COLCHESTER, for Nicholl and Co. Ltd. (owner), by T.H. BAKER (ARCHITECT)and [R. Beaumont (builder)]
* ERO D/B 6 Pb3/3463, 1915, building plan of The Queens Hotel, Berechurch Road, COLCHESTER, fr Nicholl and Co. (owner), by T.H. BAKER (ARCHITECT) and T.G. Went [builder]
- and other documents held by the ERO