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Robert Lugar

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'... Robert Lugar (1773 – 23 June 1855), was an English architect and engineer in the Industrial Revolution.

Although born in Colchester, England, Lugar carried out much of his most important work in Scotland and Wales, where he was employed by several leading industrialists to design grand houses such as Balloch Castle (1808) and Cyfarthfa Castle (1824). He also designed Bardon Hall (1837) in Leicestershire ...'


'... Robert Lugar was a renowned English domestic architect and garden designer, who was responsible for the architectural Gothic revival in England and Scotland. As Colvin notes Lugar "was a skilful practioner of the picturesque, exploiting the fashion for cottages ornés and castellated Gothic mansions in the manner of John Nash. His two Dumbartonshire castles were among the first to introduce the picturesque formula into Scotland". Lugar's work is associated with the most distinguished and beautiful mansions, castles, cottages and parks in England and Scotland. He was also the County Surveyor of Essex ...' - at