Garrison - the Abbey Field - air-raid bunkers

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Colchester, ESS
United Kingdom
51° 52' 52.5828" N, 0° 54' 12.1644" E
See map: Google Maps
c 1938-45

World War II buildings - there are a number of survivals here from the WWII period including wooden huts, small brick buildings and air raid bunkers which as a group mark a significant period in 20th century history.

Based on information from Colchester Garrison: Historic Building Assessment, Ingram Consultancy (2000). [Garrison Buildings Group 10]

Also see CAT Report 467: A survey of three groups of air-raid shelters at Areas C2, J1 and P1 of the Garrison Urban Village, Colchester, Essex April 2004-May 2007 (Colchester Archaeological Trust) at


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